ECT Technologies is a consulting firm that specializes in Medical Affairs Operational Support Systems.  We have been crafting operational support solutions for Medical Affairs teams for over 20 years. 

No two Medical Affairs organizations are alike.  While they all serve a similar purpose, how they accomplish that differs based upon company culture, therapeutic areas focus, and product lifecycle.  Thus, no two solutions should be identical.  We take the time to understand your organization and develop solutions customized for your Medical Affairs team to grow your strategic advantage.

We are an entrepreneurial spirited company and bring that untethered thinking to solve our client’s toughest challenges.  If you are just starting with one of these initiatives, contemplating an enhancement, or would value another opinion, we can help!


Medical Plan Performance Evaluation

Most Medical organizations have a well-thought-out and defined medical strategic planning process, usually resulting in a detailed PowerPoint deck or Word document saved on a SharePoint somewhere. Are your medical team members thoroughly familiar with the medical plan objectives that they are responsible for? Can senior executives readily access an up-to-date holistic view of Medical Plan performance? Are medical activities mapped to the medical objectives they support?

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Medical Insights

Is the value of your Medical Insights fully realized? Are you puzzled and frustrated with AI approaches to analyzing insights? Is it challenging to identify critical and actionable insights? If the answer to any of those questions is Yes, please read on!

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Collaboration and Automation Productivity Improvement

Is too much time spent attending meetings and responding to e-mails? Is time spent each day on repetitive tasks? Is it challenging to locate critical documents and know you have the latest version? If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, then Collaborative Work Management and business process automation may be the solution for you.

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Field Medical Effectiveness Measurement

Does your field medical team effectively execute the company’s medical strategy? Are top-rated KOLs visited with the appropriate frequency? Is strategic messaging delivered with the frequency and periodicity for maximum launch and data release impact? Are pivotal clinical trials adequately supported? If the answers to these questions are not readily available, we can help!

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Medical Executive Decision Support Optimization

Can your analytics and KPIs be better correlated to corrective business actions? Does the information needed to paint the complete performance picture reside across multiple data silos? Are requests for new, non-standard, or unique analyzes challenging to obtain timely? Answering Yes to any of these questions could indicate that your decision support metrics are

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Dashboard Data Integrity

Do you often hear “the numbers can’t be right”? Does lack of data confidence reduce utilization of your analytic dashboards? Are unnecessary efforts expended to correct or adjust reports? If the answer is Yes to any of the above questions, then our Dashboard Data Integrity Assurance product may be right for you.

Dashboards are a popular, efficient, and effective way to

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